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Posted by Grace

July 21, 2017

After being frustrated and abused by another immigration attorney for several years, my husband contacted Alison Berry, Esq. in the summer of 2016. I received my visa in December, 2016. Ms. Alison was effective, knowledgeable, ethical, professional, sensitive and direct. I recommend her highly and I can safely say that she will work hard and get results for anyone.

Posted by Padam bajaj

June 29, 2017

very good lawyer I will recommend her for all your immigration cases very cool understanble review your problem deeply and then proceed .

Posted by anonymous

December 8, 2016

Ms. Berry is very knowledgeable and honest. She truly cares for her clients and is empathetic for the situation. My experience is that she is straightforward and professional and will follow through with her proposed strategy or change for the better.

Posted by Maria

July 9, 2016

I live in San Diego and my family and I are applying for Italian dual citizenship. As part of the application process, we needed to have a specific order signed by a judge in Westchester County. After months of the court ignoring my request, our Consulate meeting was quickly approaching (a meeting that we had to wait 18 months to get).

Thirty-six hours prior to the Consulate meeting in Los Angeles, the court clerk called and said that I could appear in court. It wasn’t going to be possible for me to appear since the flights to New York from San Diego would not get me back in time for the long-awaited Consulate meeting. So, I Googled local immigration attorneys and THANK GOD I reached Alison Berry. She immediately took care of my case and got the order signed just in time for us to use it for our meeting all for a very reasonable rate and with incredible professionalism. She kept me posted the entire time.

In my career as a private investigator, I work with a lot of attorneys. Alison Berry stands among the best of them. You should hire her.

Posted by anonymous

April 17, 2016

I hired Ms. Berry’s services in completing an application for U.S citizenship which was already annoyingly drawn out. With her help the process became much less of a headache – even with some additional setbacks. I would highly recommended her.

Posted by Alexia

April 6, 2016

Ms. Berry has been my attorney for many years. During all the time that she has represented me with my many complicated immigration and other issues, she has maintained a calm demeanor with an exceptional acumen to zero in on the relevant and important aspects of my case. She seems to possess a unique ability to attend to detail while retaining the ability to understand my needs, both legal and psychological. She has always remained focused on what needs to be done and when. Ms. Berry has always reassured me and kept me informed on the progress of my case. In addition, she has promptly returned all of my numerous telephone calls and has done so with kindness, empathy and respect for my particular concerns. I recommend her wholeheartedly.

Posted by anonymous

March 26, 2016

Alison Berry

You are the best attorney I’ve ever met. You gave me hope when I was losing faith because my previous attorney was not helpful and just waisted my time for months. I always felt very comfortable working with you and know that my best interests were being served. Thank you for all your help.

Posted by Rachel

September 8, 2015

I absolute am very satisfy with Ms. Berry, services and any time that I have a question or any problem Ms. Berry is prompt to help and guide me.

Posted by Mohamed

August 28, 2015

I had been dealing with Mrs. Berry for a very long time, and I received nothing less than a genuine and professional legal advice. She always acted on my behalf and provided the best advice.

She is someone I would use over and over if I ever needed her services in the future.

M. Ismail

Posted by anonymous

August 28, 2015

She is an excellent Attorney and knows how to proceed.

She is calm and organized everything before proceed. He understands what need to be done for the client. I will highly recommend to anyone for using her.

In my conclusion she is an excellent and well professional as well as experienced.