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An Experienced Immigration Law Attorney

Are you an immigrant in New York in need of an attorney? Facing deportation, want to reunite with your family, or have a different kind of immigration issue? Then you need an attorney and, Law Offices of Alison Berry, Esq., is here to help.

At Law Offices of Alison Berry, Esq., we provide guidance and advice on how to handle your immigration law matters. Our lead attorney, Alison Berry, has over 40 years of experience as an attorney and in that time period has earned a reputation as someone who can help her clients with their immigration law matters.

Put Your Trust In Us

We understand that sometimes it can be concerning putting your future in the hands of an attorney, but without one you are far less likely to succeed or accomplish your goals. We make it a point to not just represent our clients in court but also provide advice to them in times of need.

We have earned a reputation among our client base and have seen many of them come back to us in times of need. We are always happy to help familiar faces as well as new ones. All we ask is that they put their trust in us and allow us the opportunity to represent them to the best of our ability.

Have An Immigration Question? Talk To An Attorney.

If you have an immigration question in regard to you or a family member, or are in need of legal assistance, you can contact Law Offices of Alison Berry, Esq., at 800-505-5113 where we will happily assist you.