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Let Us Help You With Family Immigration Laws

Whether you are attempting to reunite with your family in the United States, are married or engaged to be married to a U.S. citizen, or facing removal proceedings, an experienced immigration attorney can help. From our office in White Plains, New York, our law firm is prepared to help clients with all of their family-based immigration needs.

At the Law Offices of Alison Berry, Esq., our lawyers provide the honest answers and direct communication that immigration clients need. We understand that the immigration process can seem confusing and frustrating. We have devoted our entire practice to guiding clients through this process. Trust us for experienced representation.

Marriage-Based Petitions

The majority of family-based immigration matters involve marriages and children. At our firm, we are prepared to answer questions and provide representation for clients with concerns about:

  • Fiancé(e) visas
  • Adoption petitions
  • Spouse petitions
  • Consular processing
  • Adjustment of status
  • Affidavits of support
  • Waivers based on hardship to immediate family members

Any wrong step — incorrectly completed paperwork, missing a deadline, a wrong answer on an immigration form — could be disastrous. Not only is it possible that your petition will be denied, but the government could also begin removal proceedings. Let our firm help you correctly complete your paperwork in a timely fashion.

Our firm is prepared to help clients in numerous categories as defined by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), including:

  • Immediate relatives, which can include spouses or minor children of U.S. citizens
  • Unmarried sons or daughters of U.S. citizens
  • Spouses and unmarried children under the age of 21 of lawful permanent residents (LPRs)
  • Unmarried adult sons and daughters of lawful permanent residents
  • Married sons and daughters of U.S. citizens, their spouses and their children
  • Brothers and sisters of U.S. citizens aged 21 and older, and their spouses and their children

Our firm has met with a great deal of success in family-based immigration matters. We can provide the legal advice and representation you need to accomplish your family’s goals. We are confident that we can overcome nearly any obstacle you are facing through the immigration process.

Contact The Firm

If you need an experienced lawyer for your immigration matter, contact the Law Offices of Alison Berry, Esq. We can be reached by phone at 800-505-5113 or through our convenient online contact form